The Success of Martin Chivers

Martin Chivers was one powerful striker who became a bit of a cult on White Hart Lane after he had signed from Southampton and later on became a legend due to his scoring lead with Spurs towards a successful part in the 1970s.

Chivers also had attended Taunton’s Grammar School back in Southampton where he did well academically and sportingly. He also was a discus thrower during his younger years and helped with his long throw. He also considered writing to his local club to get a trial and what in fact look at while he was playing for CPC, which is the club’s nursery side. Martin then signed for the South Coast club back in September 1962 and he also was given a debut when he turned 17. Martin also hold the record number of 23 on England Under and represented Young England and also the Football League.

Martin also became a first team regular and had finished as a joint leading scorer with 21 goals. Back in 1965 – 1966, he was able to score 30 goals in 39 matches that helped the Saints on the promotion towards Division 1. However, during promotion, Martin was unhappy and he was replaced by the more experienced striker with Mick Channon who is coming through the ranks. Manager Ted Bates also allowed Chivers in going to one of the various clubs who are chasing him. To learn more, go to

His partnership with ALan Gilzean and Peters have given a lot of goals for Chiv and his long throw-ins were considered to be a trademark of the game that provided a chance for others. However, if the 1970 – 1971 season was only good, the next one was actually much better because Chivers have scored 44 goals in 64 games when they reached the semi-final of the League Cup and later on won the UEFA Cup against Wolverhampton Wanderers. This is mainly because of the two away goals that made a 2 – 1 lead. Do check this link for useful info.

By the next season, he brought another League Cup win. Chivers had been instrumental in order to reach it without a goal against Liverpool in the quarter final and one away in Wolverhampton Wanderers during the semi. Martin in fact had been scoring in the league and he got eight UEFA Cup goals in order to propel Spurs in a semi-final against Liverpool.

Chivers also was being paired with Chris Jones, Chris McGrath and John Duncan in the following season, but after Spurs was thrashed by 0 – 4 in the Middlesbrough League Cup, Nicholson then think his own time was up. Here are some of the richest football clubs today:

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